About Me


Here are a few things that might be nice to know about me:

  1. My name is Jenna
  2. I’m a food enthusiast that knows the joy that chocolate can bring.
  3. I’m a nursing student.
  4. I love being creative – in the kitchen and out.
  5. Cooking brings me joy, much like chocolate.
  6. I reside in the good ol’ Midwest.
  7. I view every day as an opportunity to start over.
  8. Coffee is my friend – best friend perhaps.
  9. I love to run – it’s kind of an addiction.
  10. I try to eat naturally.
  11. Kale and chia are my healthy obsessions.
  12. I believe cake is justifiable in moderation.

Chocolate and Chia is my space to share creative successes and failures. Food is my medium of choice, but occasionally I’ll share other project types. With zero knowledge or skill I will be attempting to photograph my food adventures. Bear with me.

Here’s to the journey ahead.


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